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While in Bangao, Buguias, I saw this road marker and asked Engineer Sonny Salvacion, CHARMP2 RID Assistant Coordinator when it was inaugurated? He said, “last year.” It was actually the first CHARMP2 RID Project that was INAUGURATED, ACCEPTED AND TURNEDOVER in Benguet

We stopped and I marked the date, July 15. so here we are, celebrating the road’s first anniversary with a photo op.

The road is still in good shape even as we noted its constant use. It serves several vegetable farmers at the foot of the mountains in bringing their produce some two kilometres to the Halsema Highway. We are happy that the farmers, barangay officials and the municipality of Buguias preserved the marker and continue to work together in preserving and maintaining the farm-to-market road (FMR). During the road's acceptance and turnover, the community beneficiaries were informed that the project was a result of their participation in the project investment planning, consultations and efforts with their barangay, municipal and provincial officials.  Now it is their own and they have to help their local government in its preservation, protection and maintenance.

Now I repeat our congratulations to Benguet.... for honoring its partnership with the DA in the implementation of the CHARMP2 Project. The governor really followed through in making the project structure under his control work.



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A pause to acknowledge and recognize the support of our local DJs to the cause of highland aggie. We thank Tatang Edong Carta, President of the Baguio Broadcasters Association and partner, Floribel Sales of Love Radio for serving as our Master of Ceremonies during the 26th DA-RFO-CAR founding celebrations at the Hotel Supreme, last July 4, 2014

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