Finally, a dream come true for the Caliking Farmers MPC of Caliking, Atok, Benguet. In February 2,2021, the cooperative bought a brand new Isuzu utility van worth P1,004,000. This was made possible through a financial grant of P600,000 from the Department of Agriculture’s Enhanced Kadiwa Program.
The cooperative raised the remaining amount of P404,000 as its counterpart including the amount that
it will use to expand its agriproducts consolidation activity.
Caliking Farmers MPC is consolidating vegetables and fruits produced by farmers in the area. With only one vehicle for hauling and delivery, its outreach is limited. With the newly acquired vehicle, its consolidation activity could be enhanced, since one will be used for hauling from the farms and another will be used for delivery to markets. In 2019, Caliking Farmers MPC consolidated and sold a total 2,879kg passion fruit to Dizon Farm at P100/kg with a total value of P289,700; P12,000 Chayote at P8.00/kg to the trading Post valued at P96,000 and was able to buy and sell vegetables and fruits valued at P208,000 in the coop store.
Caliking Farmers MPC was qualified for the Enhanced KADIWA Grant because it has an on-going consolidation activity, good financial performance as shown by its audited financial statements for the past three years and it was able to comply with all the requirements of the Enhanced Kadiwa Financial Grants Program.
Aside from Caliking Farmers MPC there are other 26 farmers cooperatives and associations (FCAs) that were qualified for the Enhanced KADIWA Financial Grant of the Department of Agriculture for the year 2020.// Leonora K. Verzola
Photo Courtesy : Brigette Manguipay