The Department of Agriculture-Cordillera Urban Agriculture Project pandemic ignites the passion of Baguio City residents to embrace and adopt poultry raising.
The DA-CAR in partnership with the City Government of Baguio dispersed last year a set of 12 heads of chicken composed of five roosters and seven hens, along with a sack of feeds and water-soluble multivitamins for each selected residents of Baguio City.
Marlyn Sumangen, 41 years old, a full-time housewife, and a resident of Barangay Liteng, Baguio City, a beneficiary said that with the declaration of Enhance Community Quarantine, their main source of income was been affected. They were fortunate for receiving the said intervention and are thankful for the assistance.
Sumangen mentioned that at first, they experienced difficulty in managing the chicken. It was their first time but because of their perseverance and patience eventually, they learn to proper management of poultry.
“With the proper guidance of the Department, City Government and support from the family, these push us to start in investing in poultry raising especially now that many families are looking for other sources of income and food is one of the essential needs”, she added.
She was inspired by the interventions of DA-CAR to start with a new source of livelihood. Indeed, they don’t need to buy eggs but they are now selling to their neighbors and to the market.
With a small poultry farm in the backyard, they eventually expand by adding hundreds of broilers and layers. They can collect 4-6 trays of eggs for sale and earned Php800-1000.00 daily. She also invested in poultry housing, feeds, and vitamins in their poultry.
“We should not waste government interventions, learn how to sustain these for the benefits of the community, and be a part in securing food in our country” she stressed.
Last year 2020, Baguio City was adopted as a pilot area for the Urban Agriculture of the DA-CAR through a Memorandum of Understanding to assist the urban residents to ensure continuous food availability, affordability, and accessibility.