Second Cordillera Highland Agricultural Resource Management (CHARMP2) Project Scale Up

The CHARMP2 Scale Up is a two year additional financing of development projects to be conducted in the 18 new barangays within the six provinces of the Cordilleras. The Project is a special project under the Department of Agriculture.

The joint IFAD – NEDA Supervision and Implementation Support Mission for CHARMP2 in February 26 to March, 2015 noted the following:

-success in delivery of outputs during the last two years of the Project’s implementation (2013 & 2014);

-commitment of national and local authorities to participatory and locally

-driven development models for CAR; and

-support to local economic growth was relevant for poorer households, whose participation has been active and significant.

However, the Mission also noted that:

-outputs have not yet been translated into durable outcomes;

-sustainability of projects results were yet to be assured; and

-development objectives are still to be achieved

Hence, the Mission recommended (i) one year extension without cost (2016) and (ii) an additional financing for two more years (2018-2019) to:

(a) build on recent progress, and

(b) transformation initial results into sustained, long-term benefits for targeted highland communities to expand investment in the poorest areas of the Cordilleras not covered by CHARMP2.