The potential of beekeeping industry was highlighted during a lecture by Romeo A. Kimbungan, beekeeper and proprietor of Kerobee Farm during the 1st Regional Livestock Congress on May 22-23, 2018 at the Benguet State University Gymnasium, La Trinidad, Benguet.

Mr. Kimbungan shared his experiences on apiary and honey production particularly the basic management, business and marketing, and potentials of honey production.

Because of the problems before, the bee colonies had decreased due to pest infestation like the varroa mites. To find solution to the said infestation, he was motivated to study more and look for recommendations through trainings and seminars.

His farm, Kerobee Farm, is now managing three species of honeybees such as the Apis dorsata, Apis mellifera, and Apis cerana. He also manages stingless bee as a potential producer of honey.

During his lecture, he mentioned the importance of pollination not just in bees but also in crops, fruit trees, and cut flowers. He added that the pollination helped the production about 80-percent.

Kimbungan also conducted trainings which include colony management, nucleus production, queen production, pollination, and beekeeping supply production. During the trainings, he teaches participants to assemble frames, attach wax foundation in the frames, smoke colony before inspection among others.

“We must encourage everyone to venture in beekeeping so as to increase the production of honey and by-products in the region,” said Kimbungan.

He added that his next step would be to venture on the new opportunities in wild honeybees.//HDanis