Pet owners and their furry friends walked with pride as they strutted around Tabuk City as part of a series of veterinary mission activities by the Tabuk City Veterinary Office (CVO) in partnership with the Department of Agriculture-Cordillera Administrative Region during the Matagoan Festival on June 21-22, 2018.

Free veterinary services such as rabies vaccination, deworming, pet consultation, and neutering were made available at the Tabuk City Hall grounds.

A total of 29 pets were neutered with a breakdown of 18 dogs and 5 cats castrated, and 4 dogs and 2 cats spayed.

There were 41 pets vaccinated then they were given a tag which indicates the date of vaccination and a scarf with the text “I’m Rabies Vaccinated” emblazoned on it.

Dr. Carmen Wanas of the CVO-Tabuk said that the activity is in line with the Rabies Prevention and Control Program of the Philippines.

“This vet mission also serves as rabies information campaign to the people of Tabuk. The activity was conducted during the Matagaon festival so that we can show and instill responsible pet ownership to a bigger audience,” she added.

Also, through neutering, Dr. Wanas hoped to lower the population of stray animals in the city that may be potential sources of rabies.

Accordingly, the rabies virus is 100% fatal but also 100% preventable through vaccination.

As of the present, Kalinga has six positive cases of rabies with three specifically in Tabuk City, as recorded by the Regional Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory-CAR.//Ayra Galanza