Office of the Regional Soils Laboratory 
Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office-Cordillera Administrative Region
Ambuklao Road, Gibraltar, Baguio City

Telephone Number : (074) 442-7127
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The Regional Soils Laboratory is a unit of the Regional Integrated Agricultural Laboratories Division of the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office Cordillera Administrative Region. It provides services in testing soil as basis of fertilization guide to farmers and other stakeholders.


To provide timely and effective fertilizer recommendation based on prompt and accurate soil test result for the use of individual farmer to help increase his crop production and income.


To deliver responsive, efficient and eco-friendly service to farmers and other clientele with the highest levels of knowledge, professionalism, honesty and integrity.

Mandates & Functions

  1. Formulates plans and programs for the efficient operation of the unit in accordance with the thrusts and policies of the department of Agriculture;
  2. Implement standards, procedures and techniques in the analysis of soil, water, plant tissue, fertilizers and other materials vital to crop production;
  3. Provides services in testing soil, water, plant tissue and fertilizers to farmers and the general public; and
  4. Provides recommendations in the use of lime, zinc and fertilizers.


Frontline Services


Soil analysis is a valuable tool in determining the fertility status of the soil and the necessary inputs required for efficient and economic production. A proper soil test will help ensure the application of enough fertilizer to meet the requirements of the crop while taking advantage of the nutrients already present in the soil.

Service Description

The laboratory conducts test for texture , pH, organic matter content, available phosphorous and available potassium in soil. Analysis is done to determine the fertility status of the soil which serves as the basis of recommending the right kind and amount of fertilizer to apply at the right time. Addition of lime is also recommended, if necessary.


Who May Avail of the Service?

            • Farmers

            • Students

            • Researchers

            • Other clientele


Requirements to be submitted:

1. One (1) kilogram air-dried soil sample with the following information: 

• Name of farmer/client

• Address

• Location of sample source

• Farm area

• Date and time of sample collection

• Crop/s to be planted

2. Duly filled-up request form


Schedule of Availability of Service:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


 Prescribed Fees:

The fee to be paid is dependent on the type of test to be performed: 


Test Performed

Amount (Php)

Percent Organic Matter (N)

P 250.00/soil sample

Available Phosphorous (P)

P 250.00 / soil sample

Available Potassium (K)

P 250.00 / soil sample

Soil pH

P 100.00 / soil sample

**Note: Soil analysis with fertilizer recommendation is free for farmers


How to Avail of the Service

Soil Analysis (Analytical Method)

Submit at least 1 kilogram of air-dried soil sample with complete sample information.

Secure order of payment.

Pay the coresponding fee to collecting officer


Present official receipt of payment prior to the release of test result and acknowledge receipt thereof in the logbook.


Accomplish client satisfaction feedback form.


For Complaints and Suggestions

What can you see about our service?

If you wish to compliment us on our service; suggest how we might improve our service; or if not satisfied with our service or a decision made by our office, we encourage you to let us know by:

  • Accomplishing our Feedback Form and drop it in the suggestion box at the public assistance/ complaint desk; or
  • You may contact us through Telephone:(074) 443-4621; or
  • Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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