Department of Agriculture Mandate

The Department of Agriculture is the principal government agency responsible for the promotion of agricultural development and growth. It provides the policy framework, helps direct public investments, and in partnership with the local government units (LGUs), provides the support services necessary to make agriculture and agri-based enterprises profitable and to help spread the benefits of development to the poor, particularly those in the rural areas.


The CAR shall adopt the national vision for the agriculture sector as stipulated in Chapter 4 of the PDP which is as follows:
“A competitive, sustainable and technologybased agriculture and fisheries sector, driven by productive and progressive farmers and fisherfolks, supported by efficient value chains and well-integrated in the domestic and international markets, contributing to inclusive growth and poverty reduction.


DA to serve as the lead catalyst to agriculture & fisheries modernization with food security, poverty alleviation and social equity, global competitiveness and resource sustainability as fundamental concerns.

To help empower the farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs to produce adequate, affordable and accessible food for all and competitive products that can increase their real income.