Kiangan received 1 unit Foot Sealer and 14 bags OPV White Corn Seeds at 36,200.00 pesos.

Lagawe received 6 units Mechanical Sheller, 3 units Grass Cutter, 1 unit Foot Sealer, 210 kilos Molasses, 2 packs Assorted Vegetable seeds (Lettuce green fire 5g, Upo 50g, Chinese cabbage 50g, Tomato 9g, Bush Sitao 15g, Broccoli 10g, Lettuce ice berg 5g, French beans 500g, Okra 50g), 5 units Knapsack sprayer and  1 unit Open Source Pump at  308,095.70 pesos.

Lamut received 1 unit Four Wheel Drive Corn Tractor, 1 unit Cassava Chipper, 5 units Knapsack sprayer, 420 kilos Molasses and 1 unit Open Source Pump at 2,306,534.40 pesos.

Mayoyao received 1 unit Shredder and 14 bags OPV White Corn Seeds at 92,700.00 pesos.

Tinoc received 14 bags OPV White Corn Seeds, 21 heads female Native piglets and 3 heads male Native piglets at 97,176.00 pesos.


Meanwhile, the DA Secretary also received project proposals for additional interventions in the province but needs further validation to fit in the province’s geographic and demographic conditions. Nevertheless, he committed additional infrastructures and machineries to be given to Ifugao.// Danica Tomin