The biyaheng bukid campaign of the Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel “Manny” Piñol continues to reach out and touch the lives of the farmers in Apayao through a consultation meeting with farmers and chief executives held at Luna, Apayao on August 12, 2016.

“As a farmer’s son I understand the longings, dreams, and aspirations of farmers. Now, I am happy because I’m given the opportunity to change the lives of the farmers. With proper consultation, we will be able to fulfill every commitment that targets what the farmer really needs. I love listening to the voice of the farmers and I guess that’s the mission I need to fulfill,” said Secretary Piñol. 

Further, he emphasized three things with regard to the purpose of the visit which are, to identify the weaknesses of Apayao; look at its strengths and potentials in food production and livelihood programs; and to implement a program that has been proven effective known as the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) attacking ten poorest provinces in the country.

Also, around 41Million worth of projects were awarded during the forum. Among the assistance given were machineries and equipments worth 15M, assorted seeds and soil ameliorants worth 1M, livestock worth Php 71,976 and 25M Farm to market roads.

The visit serves as a head start of the biyaheng bukid that focuses on 10 priority provinces as part of the new administration’s thrust to increase food production and alleviate poverty where Apayao is one of the provinces listed.//JFP