The low temperature in the terrain of Benguet results to frost that brings slight damage to vegetables and other crops.


As reported to the local media frost were found in Madaymen, Kibungan; Cada, Mankayan; Paoay, Atok and in Lam-ayan, Buguias just this week.


A validation and monitoring of the reported damage by Mr. Lito D. Mocati, Agriculturist II of HVCDP indicated slight damage at 5-10% caused by frost were observed in Atok, Buguias, and Kibungan. Frost were found in patches and damaged crops were mostly on potatoes at nearly maturity stage because they are the most susceptible crop to frost.


In the case of Kibungan, slight damages were noted on the growing grasses indicating that frost is not worse compared to the previous years.


Moreover, production and supply of vegetables were mainly affected by the retired Typhoon Lawin causing the decrease of volume of production in the areas that mainly produce highland vegetables. This results to the high price of the vegetables since November up to present.


Volume of harvest is expected to increase by February when those crops planted in lower elevation and irrigated areas will be harvested thus the decrease on the prices of vegetables.