The meeting’s opening program today was attended by Dr. Cameron P. Odsey, RTD for Research and Regulatory Services; Ms. Balbina A. Ernesto, Farmer-Director for the Month of May; Dr. Lorenzo M. Caranguian, OIC-Regional Executive Director; Ms. Susan D. Balanza, Chief, PMED; and Dr. Anthony Bantog, Chief, Regulatory Division.

The two-day meeting shall review the DA plans, programs and budget; the National Livestock Program; Multiplier Farm Projects; updates on regular livestock programs; and, conduct a workshop on the finalization of multiplier farm project MOA(s).

In their messages, both farmer-director Balbina A. Ernesto, and Regional Executive Director Lorenzo M. Caranguian, challenged the group to explore appropriate, profitable and sustainable crop-livestock-tree farming systems that farmers can adopt in the region’s unique mountain environment. -30-

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