With the municipality of La Trinidad investing in agriculture with the production of temperate high value crops including crops that is frequented by tourist along the swamp, the Department of Agriculture through the High Value Crops Development Program (DA HVCDP) supported the need to assist in the irrigation of these cash crops by allowing the La Trinidad Local Government to receive 4.6 million pesos to pipe line water to these area.

Ms Joan Bacbac, HVCDP focal person, said that the project’s budget had been divided among the Bureau of Soils and Water Management (BSWM), the DA HVCDP and the Local Government of La Trinidad where BSWM already transferred 500,000 pesos and HVCDP transferred 4.6 million pesos to La Trinidad for the project. MLGU La Trinidad is also expected to source out 690,000 pesos of their budget to finance the project as their 15 percent counterpart. The HVCDP also proposed additional 15M pesos budget to the DA Central office to aid in the full construction of the irrigation system.

The project entitled “IMPROVEMENT OF FARM IRRIGATION THROUGH WATER IMPOUNDING SYSTEM TO SUPPORT PRODUCTION OF HIGH VALUE COMMERCIAL CROPS” will construct 22 tanks that would benefit four barangays covered by the project, five farmers association including the La Trinidad Valley Farmers Irrigators Association, 615 households, over 3,300 farmer entrepreneurs and 85 hectares of cultivated areas.

The project aimed to contribute to the National mandate of Food Sufficiency by improving farm practices through the establishment of irrigation systems supplying clean water to farms. By establishing the Irrigation System in this area, it is intended that supply of clean water will be adequate to the farm, irrigation will be improved, social relationship shall be strengthened with community-based projects, more production lands will be GAP certified and Agro-Tourism will be sustained.

Furthermore, the springs along Sitio Bayabas, Pico, La Trinidad shall serve as source of water. The budget allocated for the year (5.790M) will be used to put up lateral pipes from the source to another point in Pico, La Trinidad.

To date, the MLGU La Trinidad together with BSWM had already conducted their final walk through and anticipated that the establishment of the project’s first phase will be seen at the end of the year.// Danica Tomin