DA-CAR Press Release No. 23-05

To inform the members of their plans and proposals, the Department of Agriculture (DAEA) – CAR Chapter conducted its General Assembly on January 16, 2023 in a blended set-up in Baguio City.
The assembly was participated in by the general membership and non-permanent staff representatives. The DAEA Officers presented proposed amendments on its rules and regulations as well as how to level-up some transactions such as the payment of fees and dues. Plans for the year were also presented, including the ongoing facilitation of group insurance for the benefit of the DA-CAR staff.
Five shortlisted insurance providers which included the Red Cross presented their group insurance and personal accident insurance proposals with an annual premium estimation of more or less Php1,000.00 per life, renewable yearly.
DAEA-CAR President Dr. Leisley C. Deligen said that the group insurance being called for is not only for the regular employees but also the Contract of Service (COS) and Job Orders. While it is voluntary, Dr. Deligen highly encouraged the DA-CAR personnel to avail of the group insurance which basically covers accidents, loss of life, and hospitalization
According to Financial Advisor Danielle Caangay, the benefit of a group insurance is being insured as a group with one single corporate account in a yearly term which is renewable. Hence, medical certifications and limitations are not needed unlike when taking individual or personal life insurance.
Further, insurance is a way to mitigate the possibility or risk of great financial stress and impact when something unwanted happens to the insured.
The DAEA-CAR and the Human Resource Management and Development Section (HRMDS) continue to facilitate the selection of the suitable group insurance for the staff within January 2023.
To further guide them in their decision-making and financial planning, Ms. Caangay discussed the seven (7) steps in Financial Literacy Planning and summing it up with the financial planning pyramid. Said steps are: tracking your expenses, setting a budget and testing it, automating and segregating savings, building emergency funds, protecting income, putting your money to work, and monitoring financial plan regularly. โ€œPlanning without implementing is useless, same with knowledge which is useless without sharing it,โ€ stressed Ms. Caangay as she encouraged the participants to properly plan their finances with their goals in mind.
Tailored with the assembly, the DA-CAR staff also learned further value addition through product processing, specifically on meat, corn and cassava, and milk. These were conducted simultaneously in breakout sessions with on-hand demonstrations. Ms. Jennifer Soposop from the Livestock Program; Ms. Amy Domingo and Ms. Alma Mae Capuyan from the Corn Program; and Mr. Leopold Aaron Mayao of the Southland Integrated Farm served as the Resource Persons, respectively.
Ms. Soposop demonstrated the processing of pork tocino and skinless longanisa while Ms. Capuyan and Ms. Domingo shared their recipe in making pitsi-pitsi and cassava puff out of cassava, including majah blanca. Also, Mr. Mayao demonstrated the processing of milk as fresh milk, chocolate milk, cottage cheese, and yoghurt. The participating staff also had a take home of their end-products afterward.
These processing skills were identified as start up for value addition that can be easily done at home for their consumption as well as its potential for livelihood in the longer run.
The DAEA-CAR officers thanked the general membership and the COS/JO representatives for their participation as they look forward for their continuous support to in the implementation of identified projects by the Association this year. //JBAgrifino
Photos via JBAgrifino, LDMendoza & CEWaytan