In line with the month-long Women’s Month Celebration in the DA-RFO CAR, some personnel meet together over lunch at the DA-CAR New Conference Hall and had a friendly discussion about happiness and how to achieve better job performance. This activity which is referred to as Brown Bag Session is an informal meeting or discussion usually over lunch and the attendees are expected to bring their own food if they intend to eat during the meet-up, thus, the term ‘Brown Bag’.
Ms. Tetchie Belle Bagnos of the Personnel Section discussed the psychological well-being in job performance noting that the latter is directly linked with the happiness of the individual. While seeking pleasure and avoiding pain are fundamental to human motivation, Ms. Bagnos shared that positive emotions must be broadened and developed within the person. As Barbara Fredrickson has said, “Broaden and build positive emotions for greater well-being.”
Other effects of positive emotions as discussed include fostering employees’ perception of the enhanced meaning of work and at the organizational level, it enhances interpersonal connections and creates a better work climate, and increased productivity.
With that, Bagnos underscored that the employees should be able to manage their emotions, both positive and negative, as it impacts not only their personal well-being but also their performance at work. “These sessions can be an avenue to open up to hopefully ease up your emotions,” she said. But in doing so, the participants should also be capacitated to listen and ensure a safe space in which the sharers would feel comfortable.
The Brown Bag Session will be conducted every Wednesday of March at the New Conference Hall. Next Wednesday, the participants will be dwelling on essential oils.//JBAgrifino